About Half-Life 2 Roleplay Hub

HHub was founded on the October of 2019 with the aim to unite all remaining active Half-Life 2 Roleplayers together. Half-Life 2 Roleplay, as both a gamemode and as a wider community, has persisted for over 10 years. It’s a community that’s given us a lot of great experiences, detailed discussions and long-lasting friendships. In the spirit of ensuring our passion perseveres and remains accessible to all, we want to put our differences aside and bring everyone together in order to extend this scene’s lifespan as much as we can.

What we do


We actively work on uniting all Half-Life 2 Roleplayers under one flag to march towards a new era – an era where people do not constantly have conflicts with one another and focus on playing their favorite game and having fun.


When people work together, they accomplish great things. We assist starting communities and already-existing ones with various things such as advertisement and development, and help them get up on their feet. We are all in this together and should actively help when we can.


In the end, all of us are here to have fun and enjoy themselves. We visit and play on different servers, discuss about HL2RP, and just have a great time playing our favorite game.

We are currently looking for communities to sponsor us in order to try to expand our population. In exchange we offer some neat rewards. Interested? Contact us below!

Special Sponsors

Lancer Networks

Lancer Networks is an aspiring Half-Life 2 Roleplay community with the dedicated aim of creating an enjoyable experience for our players. By taking concepts that work very well, abandoning or reworking some that do not, and adding our own additions and flavor into the mix, we hope to accomplish our goal of becoming a fun, enjoyable, and successful Half-Life 2 Roleplay community.

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Project Manager

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