Wanderer: the tranformation of the parasite


Dec 1, 2020
you see a paper being pinned on a concrete wall

The transformation of the parasite

vol1: the encounter:
The parasite, AKA headcrab, behaves like any other parasite known to man. Upon encountering a human, the parasite will attempt to leach on to the person's head, trying to connect to the person's brain.

vol2: The transformation
upon attaching to a host, the parasite will affect the host's physical appearance, the Parasite will urge the host to crawl out his own stomach, and deformations on the head area and limbs, and after that, the parasite will go deeper inside the host's mind, that's what you call a headcrab zombie. After the transformation, the host is 100% under the parasite's control.

vol3: eternal pain
you may ask: "but how can I save someone who becomes a zombie?" and my answer is to kill them, and you shall not feel any guilt doing so, because by doing that you are freeing the host from the eternal, never-ending pain of existing under control of an evil being, and believe me, after that this is the most human thing you could do.