"Pharma" - City 1 Memories


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Sep 30, 2020
(Yes breaking bad again)


"So, how did you come here ? Looks like shit went bad for you in City 1."
"Yes, it did. I had to escape here. Rebuild the network here. Work hard again."
"Telling your story or not ?"
"I am. Back in 2000..."


The Interview

"Welcome Mr. Adamson, Identification card please."
"Hmp... Here. It's new, got it from the center last week."
"Looks good... May I have some WorkTokens ?"
"Coupons ? This is a invitation as I know."
"It is, but you still have to pay the Medical Union."
"Ugh... I have no option to give my rations, here."
"Very good, now please tell me about your past. We already know some of it."
"I am a old chemist, worked at a company for six years as experienced personnel. Then, I left my position there and started to do stuff with my own equipment."
"Why did you leave the company ?"
"I was too naive back then, didn't know how fast money burns."
"Thanks for your application, Mr. Adamson. Your application will be examined as soon as possible. Come here in two days later and ask for your application status."
"Okay, I will. See you then."

The Results
"It's been a rough few days without any WorkTokens, I had a few rations packs for something like this. Anyway, I came here to check my application. Walter Adamson, 00274"
"Okay, Mr. Adamson. Please sit down and give me your identification card, I will come in a minute."
"Here. I'll wait you right here."

"Mr. Adamson, please come."
"Ah, you are back. Am I accepted ?"
"Yes you are, you will begin your duty today as a Trainee Nurse. Here is your clothes and Medical Union card. You have to carry your Identification card and Medical Union card all times. If you have more questions ask to other nurses and read the documents, the documents are in the break room."
"Thanks for the tip, I'll come in and start my duty. Is there a branch involving chemistry ? Like, pill production ?"
"We are not responsible for medical production, cities with 'Civil Research Union' handles the medicine production."
"Okay, thanks."

To be added in near future.
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