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Sep 30, 2020

Current Status : Civil Medical Union Intern

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"I guess, I can convince people to give me money or coupons for things that don't exist."

General Information
Date of Birth: 07/30/1991
Height: 176 cm (1,76 meters)
Weight: 57
Languages: English, Turkish
Affiliation: Civil Medical Union, Midnight Urge

Born in İstanbul, 1991. When he war born Turkey recovering from events of 1980's, increasing poverty rate and economic stagnation. He was raised in a normal town that had some city aspects, he played on the streets and went to a primitive village school. His family was big, most of the family members being farmers and shepherds, others working in factories or local market chains. A pretty normal life with a big family in short. His dream is to own a restaurant.

During the Seven Hour War, he stayed in the town at a relatives house, the house had 2 meters tall old brick walls surrounding a small area near it, with another house next to it. Due to family members being farmers, shepherds and stuff related to a village life he learned about farming, treating small animals and how to use a axe and other basic stuff. Of course he forgot 90% of this, due to him being 9 years old at the moment (And Union Water). Later on, after the war most of his family members were sent to other cities or died to their age. He was sent to İstanbul, he tried to get work force coupons by scamming people, making fake permits, selling fake medicine and some times, requesting Civil Protection to arrest them. At the end he managed to get enough coupons to enlist the Medical Union and so he did, they tasked him with cleaning the clinic and taking inventory most of the time. In 2001 he got a cashier position at a shop and later on, became the owner that little shop until now. At City 8, he is currently trying to survive while becoming rich in simple ways.

Faction Relations
Union Administrative Board - Neutral

All they do is, remind me political status of Turkey.

Overwatch Transhuman Arm - Scared
I don't consider them as a living being.

Civil Protection - Liked
Eh, some are complete douche bags like the one in that apartment and some are some what good. Everyone is same when they get shot.

Civil Medical Union - Favorite
The only branch that actually does something for humanity.

Civil Science Union - Neutral
My dream, too bad City 1 didn't have something like this, I need them.

Civil Workers Union - Doesn't Like
Politicians that can use a shovel and a pickaxe.

Citizens - Neutral
I help them, they help the ones I intent to help.

Enslaved Vortigaunts - Liked
Poor Vorts, even worse than us.

Vortigaunts - Scared and liked
The free ones, better hope I don't get electrified.

Resistance - Supportive
Some people see them as a money source, some see them as heroes, some see them as pathetic people. In my opinion, if they use the power of paper and radio well, they can succeed.


Adrik Bolskhavic -
I get chills from him with that suit but I don't have a single other thing than supporting him. I helped him a lot, I think he likes me a bit.​
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Aug 6, 2020
add adrik please (you call him general)


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Aug 10, 2019
Take it far man