Lambda - Japanese Regiment


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Aug 6, 2020

ラムダ - 日本
> “Corporal Van has requested the formation of a Japanese Regiment for Lambda. You are to assemble a task-force of local members and relocate to Urban Center 8, Tokyo, Japan."

“What is the purpose of this? We can barely hold out on our own here in ‘17.“ <

> “Sergeant Grey has instructed us to reinforce resistance efforts in the area.”

“Reinforce? Why not lead? City 8 is not as big as City 17, it should be easier to operate there, and we'll have a lot of support.” <

> “We lack the numbers to make any meaningful change at this time. Not to mention, Eight has advanced technologies native to it - The Sergeant does not want to gamble our resources, nor our lives.”

“Fair enough, then. What about Vance? Does he know about this? What does he think?” <

> “Vance has been informed and is in support of this movement. Their efforts in City 17 keep him preoccupied, hence why Corporal Van is in-charge of this operation.”

“Okay... What’s the plan, then?” <

> “Reinforce resistance efforts in the area. Our intelligence does not make it entirely clear what the local insurgency is like over there, however, you are to assist local cells in their efforts and act as an aid to their missions. Kleiner managed to set-up a local smuggling network, so we will periodically be sending supplies to you to help in your operations.”

“Alright. We’re mobilizing tonight. Consider it done.” <