- Here we are -

Davod Dren

Jan 28, 2021
It's 9 in the afternoon.
Rain patters down the windows, a fire burns in the building ahead of you.
The bright fire fills the night sky with light as the rain covers almost all noise.
You climb several ladders to get up to a higher position, but something's off...
The raining sound soon fades out- yet the rain itself stays. You can hear footsteps enclose behind you- someone is there...
Someone is standing there in a gas mask and coat, wearing a boonie hat on their head with an axe in hand.
The individual surrounded by the darkness speaks up, saying these few words...

"Here we are..."
A chill runs down your spine, you feel as if your past actions are being judged without them even knowing.
One of their eyes spark up in a dim red light, surrounded by darkness.
The individual had their axe at the ready as they enclosed on you.
Frozen in fear, you had no choice. Running wasn't an option, you already knew that.
You had to fight.
You equipped your weapon, but they were already swinging at you. They struck your gut-
You close your eyes...

The rain noise soon fades back in, you open your eyes. They're gone...
Most importantly, you're fine. You get away from there as soon as you can.
You're safe now.
You don't wanna go back.
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