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Aug 10, 2019
A Civil Protection unit's life isn't always an easy one. When push comes to shove, you may need to engage in open combat with armed targets. If, and when that happens, it's best to know how to act. Below are some of the basic CQC combat tactics, common in a city warfare scenario.
Tip: Stay coordinated through the use of hand signals and gestures. Basic knowledge of the American sign language and combat signs is extremely helpful, as light travels faster, further, and quieter than sound.
Tip: Ensure that all of your team members are well-equipped and prepared for the worst-case scenario. Remember, that in extreme cases, even an i5 may be permitted to use a firearm.
Tip: Shield training is extremely helpful, as sometimes covering fire will not suffice. One shield can be more than enough to provide mobile cover for an entire team while advancing or retreating.
Tip: When operating in a building, always stay away from the 'kill zone' (the middle of the room). It makes you extremely vulnerable to surprise attacks. When flooding a room or breaching, always move in along the walls, especially if you don't have a shield on your team.
Tip: Team Leader defaults to the highest integrity unit in the team. If the Leader is incapacitated, another may be chosen. If two or more units share the highest integrity in the team, or the leader cannot fulfill their duty, you are expected to quickly select another leader.

Bounding Overwatch

1. Both combatants are to head to cover immediately.
2. One combatant goes to a directed area, while the other covers.
3. Once the runner is in position, the covering combatant then moves up, while the runner now covers.
Tip: for those that are confused, think of it like leapfrog. People behind go up people in the front stay.
Tip: This tactic can be used to advance, retreat, go left, or go right.

Covering Fire

1. Both combatants stack up. One begins to run to another location while the other opens fire on targets that are potential threats to the runner.

Reaction to Contact

1. The foremost part of the squad should return fire immediately.
2. The back parts of the squad should move into cover. Once done, provide covering fire for those at the front.
3. The front combatants move into cover.

Covered Advance

1. One or more combatants assume a base of fire in order to provide suppressive or covering fire to combatants that are advancing.

Hallway Peeling

1. The foremost part of the squad moves into cover and covers advancing units.
2. The back part of the squad proceeds.

Firing Line

1. This formation maximizes firepower towards the front. All units are to put themselves in a line formation, suppress the enemy, and advance upon the squad leader's command.

Pincer Movement

1. The foremost part of the squad, preferably a shield, begins to suppress the enemy.
2. All back parts of the squad begin to flank left and right upon the team leader's command.

Door Breach (One Space)

1. One breacher, multiple stackers. Front stacker preferably with a shield.
2. Breacher goes to the shortest wall. Stackers to the longest.
3. Team leader calls stack, prep (optional), breach/inject.
4. Breacher opens the door. (By gun, kick down, hand.)
5. The first stacker moves into the opposite wall. If they're a shield, they stay in the doorway for a few seconds to provoke armed hostiles. Then other stackers move in left and right. All stackers stick to the walls inside and avoid the kill zone, which is in the middle of the room.
6. Breacher moves in after all stackers are done, and watches their back.

Door Breach (Two Spaces)

1. Breacher calls in for a stack. Make two lines rather than the traditional.
2. Team leader calls for prep and inject. All stackers rush in, hug walls, and avoid kill zone (middle of the room).

// Credits: ParaShock
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Jan 4, 2020
This is a great set of instructions! One thing you could add are codes for the different movements so functionaries could react quickly at the sound of a single word.
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This isn't official, but no one is stopping cops from practising this.
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